Coolant conditioning

AVL ConsysCool

An intermediate circuit conditioning unit for a variety of coolant media

You can apply AVL ConsysCool in development, certification, End of Line (EOL) testing, as well as in highly dynamic applications for race car engines. The system controls coolant temperature and keeps it within strictly defined limits. An integrated electric heating system ensures quick pre-heating and improves control dynamics.

Why AVL ConsysCool?

With AVL ConsysCool you can achieve a high degree of accuracy in both steady-state and dynamic modes. This makes it even easier to achieve and reproduce high-class test conditions.

Furthermore, you can extend the basic unit’s functionality with additional options in order to gain the best results. For less demanding applications like endurance testing, for example, we offer an elementary coolant conditioning unit which is both compact and cost-efficient. An optional stainless-steel version guarantees long-term value and a stable performance, even when using aggressive coolant media. Additionally, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) has an interactive flow diagram that is user friendly and monitors all active control components. Furthermore, an advanced temperature control for the coolant system is avaliable. Beside the standard temperature range, we also offer modified units for climatic testbeds that can simulate extreme temperatures of down to -40 °C. Optionally, you can control the line pressure to the Unit-Under-Test (UUT).


Key Benefits

  • Excellent control accuracy for dynamic applications
  • Easy handling with an interactive flow diagram
  • Fast control response due to a primary controlled media circuit
  • A fast setup time thanks to the 'plug and play' function.