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AVL ConsysBoost

Boost air conditioning

AVL ConsysBoost conditions the Unit-Under-Test (UUT) boost charge air to a predefined value within a very narrow tolerance range. It maintains the exact boost air temperature, guaranteeing the consistency of the test conditions. We offer two standard sizes of ConsysBoost for precise boost air control with an industrial air/water heat exchanger. Alternative solutions, such as spray cooling, are available for realizing dynamic temperature profiles.

ConsysBoost replaces the original vehicle charge air intercooler with an industrial water/air intercooler. Thanks to its adjustable flap, the individual pressure drop of different boost air coolers can be emulated. This makes the device suitable for a wide range of UUTs and operating conditions.

Why AVL ConsysBoost?

AVL ConsysBoost gives you the ability to emulate different pressure losses for a variety of vehicle intercoolers on a wide range of engines. ConsysBoost comes as a compact and mobile device to be utilized on different testbeds, leading to reduced investment and increased flexibility.

Boost air temperature is controlled by the cooling water flow through the heat exchanger. A circulation pump ensures that there is a defined flow of cooling water in the heat exchanger, even for low-power applications. In addition, this pump increases the control performance by redirecting the heated cooling water flow back to the heat exchanger inlet.


Key Benefits

  • Small footprint in test cell
  • Easy mobile use due to its compact design
  • Save on test time with excellent measurement repeatability