Fast set and reliably controlled

AVL ConsysAir

Intake air conditioning

The performance of the Unit-Under-Test (UUT) depends strongly on intake air temperature, humidity and pressure. With AVL ConsysAir, you can adjust these key parameters to a wide range of setpoint, irrespective of the actual ambient conditions on the testbed. Its compact design gives you greater flexibility, while its innovative and patented dynamic bypass guarantees pressure stability at the engine inlet and outlet. And this applies during both stationary and highly dynamic engine operation.

Another impressive feature of the device is its short stabilization time after a setpoint change (it can take less than three seconds for pressure stabilization). Together with AVL Altitude Simulator, it emulates test scenarios from sea level to high mountain roads, in winter or in summer, in the tropics, deserts or arctic regions.

You can choose between three different operating modes:

  • Closed connection to the engine intake with pressure control (steady state engine operation).
  • Closed connection to the engine intake with pressure control (dynamic engine operation).
  • Open connection to the engine intake (using a funnel) for temperature and humidity control only. Climate chambers and altitude emulation of several thousand meters enable the simulation of extreme conditions on the testbed.


Why AVL ConsysAir?

The ConsysAir combustion air conditioning unit has been implemented more than 400 times around the world. There have also been a large number of customer-tailored systems for extreme conditions. These include pressure ranges from -500 mbar to +200 mbar and temperatures from -40 °C to +90 °C.


Key Benefits

  • Excellent measurement repeatability saves testing time
  • Offers the best pressure control in dynamic testing
  • Features stable pressure control thanks to the "Dynamic Package" option
  • Optimizes commissioning with an interface to AVL PUMA™ as well as simplified interfaces for third-party automation systems
  • An internal air circulation system ensures a high level of control even at low air flow rates.