A robust and reliable design

AVL Conditioning Systems

Simulate real and extreme conditions with best reproducibility

The strict legal requirements for internal combustion engines and the large variety of new drivetrain concepts have increased the demand for real-world testing. The thermal condition and the environment of the Unit-Under-Test (UUT) have a strong influence on real driving results. For this reason, simulations must be as accurate as possible. To achieve this, OEMs, suppliers, and test labs need high-performance media conditioning systems.

These media conditioning systems are adaptable to the real conditions in the vehicle and guarantee high stability in both constant and dynamic operation. Ambient conditions in reality can vary extremely, from very cold and dry to very hot and humid, from sea level up to high mountain roads. AVL Conditioning Systems are built to emulate the full span with high precision and unmatched stability and reproducibility.

Quality and Durability

For 25 years, AVL has intensively developed different conditioning systems and technologies which are used in high-end engine test cells. If standard systems are not sufficient, AVL can design customer-specific units.

AVL’s media conditioning systems control the parameters of the engine's combustion air, coolant and oil as well as boost and altitude, thus allowing a high reproducibility of test runs. They are characterized by their modular design, their excellent functional expandability and their compactness, making them mobile and versatile on the testbed. They are robust and optimized for maximum dynamics and control quality.

Our media conditioning systems offer you a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Excellent control accuracy for dynamic applications
  • Extreme temperature and pressure simulation on the testbed which are hard to achieve on the road
  • A fast setup time thanks to plug-and-play functionality
  • Excellent measurement repeatability saves testing time