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Efficient, clean combustion

Visiolution Sensors for Optical Combustion Analysis

Optical spark plug sensors for combustion measurement tasks

AVL’s Visiolution technology helps you understand the whole process in detail. We provide the right solutions so that performance regarding fuel consumption, mixture formation, exhaust emissions and engine power is all improved.

Strict emission targets have led the automotive industry to more complex combustion technologies. As a result, robust and thorough analytical methods have become essential. Our optical spark plugs offer an excellent solution for the detailed analysis of combustion phenomena in addition to the classical pressure sensors. Moreover, our optical sensors can be used on board a test vehicle.

AVL’s Optical Measuring Methods

At AVL three variations of visio spark plug sensors are available. The mounting size of M10x1 enables the use of optical sensors even if there is not enough space. There are five optical elements that provide the functionality of VisioKnock measurements with 15 cones of view. In addition, an optical element provides a view of the piston to identify the diffusion of the flame radiation.

The most popular design is the M12x1.25, it covers a broad range of crank angle-based flame measurement applications. For an advanced combustion analysis, a visio spark plug the size of M14x1.25 is also available. Each solution is available from 8 to up to 80 channel versions and customized solutions can be built upon request.


AVL X-ion™

In the past, conventional and optical combustion analysis were carried out separately, resulting in an increase in workload, time, and cost. Now there is AVL X-ionTM, our innovative AVL data acquisition system that brings together both tasks into a single solution. Featuring high-precision photodiodes and a 24-bit AD converter, X-ion can manage 32 light-signals per base unit. This enables the use of Visio spark plugs for the local analysis of in-cylinder combustion events.

The modular data acquisition platform allows up to ten modules to be combined. This results in an 80-channel system that can be used for knock, pre-ignition and particle source analysis. The high sensitivity and high dynamic range of the photodiodes allows the measurement of varied flame phenomena in spark ignition engines.

This data is then analyzed in AVL IndiCom 2™ software, along with cylinder pressure data. Combined with real-time calculations and trigger data, the platform provides detailed understanding of dynamic combustion scenarios.


A unique optical combustion analysis solution

X-ion enables crank angle-based in-cylinder flame radiation measurement. This facilitates the identification of soot particle formation in both stationary and transient engine states. Sporadic or irregular self-ignition events are detected and localized by combining X-ion’s cylinder pressure and flame detection routines. With such an array of features, X-ion is a powerful and versatile powertrain development tool.


Additional benefits include:

  • Flame kernel formation detection
  • Flame kernel propagation pattern detection
  • Detection of self-ignition knock centers