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Created for the Quantum Leap

AVL SPECTRA™ Universal Inverter

Flexible, easy-to-use inverter emulator improves your e-motor and inverter development and testing processes

As global emissions standards become more stringent, and markets worldwide demand both clean mobility and high performance, electrified powertrains are quickly becoming the industry standard. Mild hybrid, battery electric, fuel cells – these are just some of the electrified technologies that are currently shaping the future of the automotive industry.

But while these new technologies are exciting, challenges still remain. The pressure to shorten development time – and the costs associated with it – continues to increase. The testing process is becoming more complex. As e-drives are often built with a range of components and on different schedules, making them available at the same time is difficult. To be able to make the right decisions early on in the development state, frontloading capabilities have become more important than ever.

Employing Quantum Leap Technology

Providing inverter emulation and universal inverter solutions for a variety of applications and high-performance requirements, AVL SPECTRA™ can help you navigate these challenges. Harnessing quantum leap technology, AVL SPECTRA Universal Inverter puts you ahead of the competition by delivering the highest development efficiency possible.

You can run the AVL SPECTRA Universal Inverter in the highest powers and with high currents. You can also operate it as either a stationary cabinet-mounted solution or as a unique mobile one. The mobile solution has a detachable control board, which allows you to place it close to the Unit-Under-Test (UUT) and create vehicle-like testing conditions. With its numerous signal and position sensor interfaces, it meets all of your multifaceted testing needs.

Customizable and Easy to Use

Our tool is a multidimensional Universal Inverter with fully customizable algorithms, enabling you to validate control structures at an early stage before distinct hardware has even become available. We designed the system by leveraging modern technologies to create emulation of traction inverters that are both future-proof and realistic. Aided by an algorithm that determines your e-motor parameters, you can easily setup new e-motors, minimizing development time and effort and decreasing your overall costs.

The in-house development of SiC-based power electronics and FPGA controls, combined with our leadership in pioneering new technologies, provides you with the confidence you need in your test results. As the global market leader in e-drive test systems with more than seven decades of automotive development experience, we designed the AVL SPECTRA family of products to be cutting edge and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Flexible
  • Vehicle-like testing conditions
  • Cost saving
  • Frontloading capabilities