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Battery tester and emulator for electric propulsion systems

From battery tests to battery emulation, and from single components to complete electrified powertrains, AVL E-STORAGE BTE™ offers you a comprehensive, versatile solution. Our robust and accurate tool features a unique control strategy with outstanding stability. This supports realistic battery emulation and allows it to reproduce high dynamic charge and discharge load profiles for battery testing.

High Accuracy, High Confidence

We have designed the performance of E-STORAGE BTE to have minimal influence on test results, ensuring system and time accuracy for exact replays of driving profiles. This leads to a highly efficient testing process that saves time and reduces costs. Furthermore, you can use the system as a highly stable voltage source.

We’ve optimized the system’s control strategy to ensure realistic battery modelling when used as a standalone RT solution and when integrated into our automation platform. Our MoBat battery models allow it to behave like a real battery, at cell, module and pack level. By applying different models, you can replicate test runs for multiple testing scenarios.

Incredible Versatility

When we created the AVL E-STORAGE BTE we put flexibility and automation at its core. Automated configuration changes in the Power Distribution Switch Box (PDSB) reduce testbed downtime and increase availability and utilization. This allows the automated switching between testbeds as well as the parallelization of systems without any manual modifications.

Remote control via CAN bus enables integration into the automation system, ensuring ease-of-use. And the integrated web-GUI interface provides remote system parametrization and online diagnostics.

Different Configurations for Different Needs

With the AVL E-STORAGE BTE dual mode system, you can test units with either low voltage and higher current (ie. 800 V, 1,600 A) or high voltage and low current (1,200 V, 800 A), and can manage them remotely via the automation system.

The AVL E-STORAGE BTE multi-channel system enables you to run two different Units-Under-Test (UUT) at the same time on one system, with up to 800 V and 600 A per channel.

You can record measurement data across the entire development process with our automation software AVL PUMA 2™ and AVL LYNX 2™. It also allows the integration of subsystems on the testbed and enables the complete control and monitoring of test activities either manually or fully automatically.