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Load system with foot-mounted permanent magnet dynamometers

AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Transmission Testing

Inventive solutions for growth, quality and productivity

For decades, AVL has been focusing on improving the efficiency of conventional powertrains and developing alternative drive systems. Growth, quality, and increasing productivity are challenges we meet with innovative solutions. One of our most important tools therefore is the AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM. Designed to replace the combustion engine both on the gearbox and on the powertrain testbed.

An Innovative Solution

The DynoULTRA PMM is a synchronous motor with high nominal torque and additional overload torque capabilities for the simulation of speed oscillations. Thanks to its identical interfaces and dynamics it can be easily combined with the converter of AVL DynoFORCE™ ASM for powertrain testing. It delivers highly cost-efficient systems while also giving you the possibility to simulate the real vehicle behavior.

The dynamometers are water jacket-cooled and supplemented by a closed air-cooling loop for the rotor. This special cooling method results in a low dyno noise level, which is ideal for noise measurements.

Whatever your requirements, wishes and goals are, we have the solutions and the experience to deliver. Your advantages include:

  • Extensive know-how
  • Reliable, independent powertrain testing partner
  • Inertia similar to a combustion engine
  • High flexibility in the parameterization of various engine characteristics
  • During ICE emulation the machine can operate on base load and not peak load, thanks to its high overdrive capability