The AVL Headquarters.

Material Groups

The following material groups are procured regularly by the AVL Purchasing departments.

For Instrumentation and Test Systems

  • Electronic and mechanical components
    (Electronic devices, electrical motors, switching elements, cables/connectors, printed boards, heating and cooling elements, sensors, drivers, switch cabinets, hydraulic and pneumatic components, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, raw materials)
  • Build to print parts
    (Plate bending and plate shell moulds, complex assembles, chip removing processes, as milling and turning, casting components, plastic components and shell moulds)
  • Systems
    (Electrical dynamometer, control cabinets, control electronics, spare parts and maintenance, casted baseplates, mechanical production of components, containerised testbed systems, measuring, checking and controlling systems, gear boxes, complete mechanical systems, couplings and shafts, conditioning systems)

For Powertrain Engineering

  • Parts and components for engines
    (Cylinder head, cylinder block, crank shaft, cam shaft, piston system, injection system, standard parts, all parts required for engine assembling)
  • Design- and development services
    (Rapid prototyping, material testing, material development)
  • Outsourcing activities test rig
    (Engine test rig, chassis dynamometer)

For Non-Productive Materials

  • Operating supplies, utilities, primary materials
    (Technical gases, chemicals, tools, consumables, fuels, lubricants, oils and greases etc.)
  • IT hardware, software
    (Software, IT hardware, IT accessories, etc.)
  • Services
    (Technical services, translation, contracts of work labour and theses etc.)
  • Facility management
    (Building industry, subconstruction work (tradespeople), technical furniture of buildings, maintenance and repair for utilities, factory equipments, transport systems, laboratory technology, tooling equipment)
  • MRO