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MAKE: Precision Parts for the Toughest Applications

The experts at the AVL RACING production facility manufacture diverse components with the highest level of precision, quality and customer service. We do this for premium motorsport teams, leading OEMs and prototype suppliers. Our capabilities include turning and grinding, 4 and 5-axis complex milling and superfinishing – and lots more. A central key benefit is the fact that we can offer all manufacturing steps in one place. The full range of products extends from traditional engine components up to suspension, chassis, aerodynamics and e-motor or battery parts. Premium championships such as Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP, WEC and WRC count on these AVL RACING services.


At AVL RACING High Precision Manufacturing, or simply MAKE, we produce an array of parts for both combustion and e-drive powertrains. From cylinder heads to conrods, impellers, driveshafts and gearings our service offer includes diverse components. Our competence ranges from usual parts such as crankcases, e-motor housings and camshaft covers to most complex parts made from diverse materials – even unusual and highly innovative ones.

Our skilled team in our superior High Precision Manufacturing Center in Germany can build parts to meet incredibly demanding market requirements. Our AVL RACING camshaft expertise, for example, includes hard turning / milling, 3D profile grinding and super-finishing. Additional services include heat treatment, optical measurement, 5-axis milling, (DLC) coating, plating, eroding, polishing and tumbling for a perfect surface finish.


In motorsport scenarios the chassis and suspension must withstand heavy use cases. From simple brackets up to supporting chassis parts, everything we produce meets the highest industry standards. With our deep knowledge of materials – and how to work with them – we manufacture components that withstand the harshest racing conditions. Working with light alloys, high strength steels, aluminum, Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), titanium and more, the best performance is guaranteed.

​​​​​​​Thanks to our versatile machine concepts covering 45+ versatile CNC-machines, even very complex designs can be manufactured with confidence. Backed up with our in-house Quality Assurance applying 15+ optical and tactical measurement machines, we deliver efficient, stable and confidential solutions. Every part undergoes this quality assurance during the production process. Which means that our AVL RACING components achieve the utmost level of accuracy before being shipped to our customers around the world.

​​​​​​​With such a diverse range of services and skills available within our production facility, we can realize concepts that push the envelope of performance. From extreme durability to weight reduction, we choose the right materials and shape profiles to ensure all targets are met.


As experts in the manufacturing of unique and extremely high-precision parts and components, we provide services to motorsport teams from a wide range of championships. With our transparent approach throughout the production process, we ensure that customer questions and concerns are always addressed thoroughly.

​​​​​​​We are always eager to tackle any challenge. Our portfolio includes aero components and speciality parts, such as hydraulic components and objects with complex cavities, specifically created for motorsport use.

On our in-house assembly line, we can pre-mount systems such as e-drive components and cylinder heads. Whatever your needs, we can review your designs and 3D models to assess feasibility and manufacturing requirements – and this is not just limited to car parts.

​​​​​​​The versatility of our professional workers and our milling and production facilities enables the creation of a broad range of specialist components. For example, mounting supports or testbed components can be built and delivered. Special surface treatments and coatings can be carried out and bespoke assemblies such as cylinder heads can be provided as a complete module.

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