A New Workflow for Bearing Fretting Evaluation

News from AVL’s Virtual ICE Development

AVL’s ICE simulation solution is the industry's first choice when it comes to reliable results in durability, vibration and acoustics development. An engine’s durability significantly depends on the reliability of materials used for slider bearings, pistons and many more.

Slider bearing fretting wear and fatigue may occur in case of microslip between bearing shell and housing caused by bearing loads and vibration. As this can lead to damage and failure of the bearing, it is important to verify that the bearing doesn’t reach this situation during operation. AVL’ s lubricated sliding contact solution includes a detailed fretting evaluation method. It provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to clarify whether there is a risk for a fretting damage of the bearing.

With the latest version of AVL EXCITE, we have transferred the solution for fretting analysis to two user-friendly apps. The first one considers the hardware-applied remachining of the bearing bore after its assembly. The second evaluates various fretting indicators, based on the results of an Abaqus non-linear contact analysis of the bearing shell back to bore surface, using the EXCITE bearing oil film pressure values as boundary condition. Additionally, we have extended the 3D post-processing as well. It now includes a visual control of imported displacements and all fretting indicator parameters. This makes the task of securing the reliability of slider bearings considerably easier for the user.