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AVL’s Virtual Test Trip Solution

Making the shift from real to virtual testing

The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its history, as it embraces the electrification of the powertrain, trends such as ADAS/AD, and digitalization. However, the pace of these developments presents the industry with numerous obstacles. These include securing quality when frontloading testing, ensuring that data is complete, and accessing road measurements to reproduce tests in simulation without any errors. Furthermore, with the added pressure of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a greater shift towards digital working methodologies has become inevitable, and conducting test trips has become exceptionally difficult.

Therefore manufacturers require a variety of solutions that shift testing tasks to the virtual environment and reduce travelling effort.

Conduct Test Trips in a Virtual Environment

At AVL we have created a solution to the challenge of conducting test trips under global travel restrictions. Drawing on our expertise in digital technologies, simulation and testing, we have created a cost-effective digital alternative to in-person test trips. Our system provides the entire workflow and allows you to fully reproduce various driver behaviors, road and environment conditions, in a pure virtual test environment. Real world measurements are digitally augmented with a vast amount of data that is linked to harmonized online map services and converted to support most well-known simulation formats. This enables endless possibilities for virtual trip creation, for any purpose, on a global scale and with just a few clicks.

Drive any Road in the World – From the Office

Our cutting-edge solution supports your transformation to a digital way of working. We can virtualize road profiles, traffic signs, traffic jams and weather conditions along the trip route, based on live or statistical real-world data. The need for real validation is minimized.

By using our standard process for road digitalization, your simulation engineers do not need to wait any longer until reference vehicle measurements arrive. They can immediately start their work, saving an incredible amount of time and ensuring that you achieve the best overall productivity and test-efficiency, from anywhere in the world.

To try out our innovative solutions and receive further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

Your Benefits

  • Overcome COVID-19 travel restrictions
  • Save time for data processing
  • Enable virtual drives from anywhere in the world
  • Reduce the amount of real validation
  • One tool supporting several formats
  • Huge cost reductions