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AVL’s Remote Test Trip Solution

Solutions to support test trips from the office

The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its history, as it embraces the electrification of the powertrain and trends such as ADAS/AD and digitalization. With the added pressure of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a greater shift towards digital working methodologies is inevitable.

With most calibration engineers now unable to travel due to the pandemic, this makes conducting test trips exceptionally difficult. As a result, with regards to in-vehicle testing, vehicle manufacturers are up against a formidable obstacle.

Conduct Test Trips From Anywhere in the World

At AVL we have created a solution to this challenge. Drawing on our expertise in digital technologies, simulation and testing, we have created a cost-effective digital alternative to in-person test trips. Our answer to the reduction in business travel enables the execution of prepared tests without the need for a calibration engineer to be on site.

Our system allows you to prepare all the tests in the office using an intuitive user interface. It offers you step-by-step guidance, online KPI calculations for direct evaluation, and allows you to define which parameters to automatically change during the tests. The whole package is then uploaded to the data center where the driver in the test vehicle can download it for execution.

During the test the system automatically guides the driver through each step of your test, and provides them with direct evaluation and feedback. After each of your tests the driver receives instant reports informing them whether the test was conducted correctly or needs to be repeated.

Once your tests are successfully completed the .mf4 file along with all relevant reporting is uploaded to the data center, where you can access it to conduct any post processing, as required.

End-to-End Solutions

To ease you through the process without requiring your presence on site, our AVL Smart Mobile Solutions™ guides you from start to finish, step-by-step. This ensures that you achieve the best overall productivity and test-efficiency, from anywhere in the world.

To try out our innovative solutions and experience the system’s driver guidance for yourself, download a free demo version here.
Your Benefits

  • Overcome COVID-19 travel restrictions
  • Avoid data siloes with centralized data management
  • Efficient planning and execution of tests
  • Documented test cases allow re-use in other vehicle tests
  • Huge cost reductions