ama i60

AVL AMA i60 Exhaust Measurement System

The AVL AMA i60 is a high-end emission bench characterized by sophisticated gas analyzers and a compact, modular design. The intuitive, interactive graphical user interface supports all essential service and diagnosis functions and issues warnings in case of pending maintenance intervals. The AMA i60 focuses on both certification and R&D emission testing for all engine and fuel types.

AVL Approach

The AVL AMA i60 contains analyzers with a broad dynamic measurement range for THC, CH4, NO/NO2/NOX, CO, CO2, N2O, O2, and SO2, which can be adapted to the application (diluted/undiluted exhaust gas or gasoline/diesel/hydrogen/etc.).

The iGEM AMA bench control software allows for easy, intuitive operation of the AMA i60 via a touchscreen. It provides a quick overview of the bench status, including all streams and analyzers. The control software allows diagnostic functions to be performed automatically and supports trouble shooting down to sensor and valve level.

The AMA i60 is ideally suited for development and certification of combustion engines according to current and upcoming emission regulations (EPA, ECE, Japanese and others).

Benefits at a Glance

  • Safe investment in intelligent technology of highest flexibility and retrofit ability.
  • First-class measurement results with regard to accuracy, reproducibility and response times.
  • Substantially reduced expenses for installation and total cost of ownership.
  • Graphical user interface with interactive flow diagrams of the system and components.
  • Integrated maintenance planning and intelligent error handling.

Market Requirements

The emission measurement technology faces new requirements like current and future emission legislation such as EPA 40 CFR Part 1065/1066, heavy-duty Euro VI and light-duty Euro 6, the use of alternative fuels as well as additional exhaust gas components (NH3, N2O, NO2, etc.). There are also demands for faster analyzing methods and reduced total cost of ownership.


Depending on the application various analyzer types can be used with the AMA i60 exhaust measurement system. Integrated pumps draw in the measurement gas from the sample point, which can be located at a distance of up to 20 m, or up to 60 m with a heated boost pump. Heated lines and pre-filters or sample point selector units are used in the vicinity of the sample point. The analysis of the measurement gas is implemented by means of sophisticated conventional gas analyzers. New laser based analyzer technologies like QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) for N2O can either be integrated into the AMA i60 or connected to the system as a Remote Unit.


The functionality of the AMA i60 exhaust measurement system can be extended by the following enhancements:

  • Multihost stream sharing allows two test cell automation systems to simultaneously use individual streams of a multiple stream AMA i60
  • Several diagnostic checks in accordance with various emission regulations
  • Low noise extension reduces the sound level of max. 58 dB(A) by 2 – 7 dB(A) (depending on the system configuration and system mode)
  • Multi-configuration: One central bench controller can be used to control several devices
  • Stainless steel tubing
  • Calibration Equipment (see iCAL calibration equipment)
  • Preparations for additional analyzers or even complete streams for later upgrade and retro-fitting
  • Local language support of the user interface for all major languages
  • Integration of third party calibration devices (e.g. Horiba GDC 703) and heated sampling systems
  • Uninterruptible power supply for integrated industry PC
  • Analog I/O box for up to 4 inlets and 20 outlets

Technical Data

  Single Stream Cabinet
AMA i60 R1C
Single / Dual Stream  Cabinet*
AMA i60
Basic Unit  (W x H x D) 660 x 1550 x 970 mm 660 x 1970 x 970 mm
Basic Unit 150 kg 250 – 450 kg  (depending on configuration)
Basic Unit External  desktop / notebook Integrated industrial panel PC with integrated 17" multi-touchscreen
Voltage Supply  
Basic Unit

3 ~ 400 VAC (3/N/PE) ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 2%,  max. 4.4 kVA

2 x 100 - 120 VAC (N/PE) ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 2%,  max. 4.4 kVA

200 VAC (N/PE) ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 2%,  max. 4.4 kVA

Maximum Configuration  
Basic Unit 1 stream + EGR / Tracer 2 streams + EGR / Tracer
Ambient Conditions  
Temperature 5 – 40 °C (41 – 104 °F)
Relative Humidity Max. 80 %, non-condensing
Ambient Pressure 800 – 1050 hPa (11.6 – 15.23 psi)
Sample and Test Gases  
Sample Flow Rate 10 l/min (per stream)
Condensate disposal Peristaltic pump
Supply and Test Gas Inlet Pressure 1000 – 3000 hPa (14.5 – 43.51 psi) rel.
Zero Gas Nitrogen / Synthetic Air
FID Fuel 40 % / 60 % H2 / He
FID Burner Air Synthetic Air
Control Air (HFID) Compressed Air
CLD Ozone Generator 100 % oxygen (O2)
CLD NOx Converter Efficiency ≥ 95 %

*also available as double cabinet version for three or four sample streams plus EGR / Tracer

Find out more about gas analyzer measuring ranges


The AVL AMA i60 is used for R&D and certification emission testing on both engine and chassis dyno testbeds in conjunction with all engine and fuel types (gasoline/diesel/hydrogen/LPG/CNG/mixed & bio fuels, including Hybrid). In detail it covers the following applications:

  Light Duty Heavy Duty On-Road Heavy Duty Non-Road Marine Locomotive SORE MC ATVs
Engine TB
AMA diluted R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D R&D R&D
AMA undiluted R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D R&D R&D
Chassis TB
AMA diluted Certification / R&D Certification / R&D R&D n.a. n.a. n.a. Certification / R&D Certification / R&D
AMA undiluted R&D Certification / R&D R&D n.a. n.a. n.a. R&D R&D
AMA (diluted) Certification / R&D Certification / R&D Certification / R&D n.a. n.a. n.a. Certification / R&D Certification / R&D



FID – Flame Ionization Detector
The AVL Flame Ionization Detector (FID) analyzer is designed for measurements of total hydrocarbon (THC) concentrations. It can also optionally measure methane (CH4) through a converter or via an analytical column (gas chromatography).

CLD – Chemiluminescence Detector
The AVL Chemiluminescence Detector (CLD) analyzer is designed for measurements of nitrogen oxides (NOX) concentrations in the exhaust gas. It can also optionally measure NO and NOX simultaneously by means of a dual channel setup.

IRD - Infrared Detector
The AVL Infrared Detector (IRD) i60 analyzer is designed for measurements of the concentrations of various infrared active compounds like carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hexane (C6H14), nitrous oxide (N2O) in the exhaust gas.

PMD - Paramagnetic Detector
The AVL Paramagnetic Detector (PMD) i60 analyzer is designed for measurements of the oxygen (O2) concentration in the exhaust gas.

QCL – Quantum Cascade Laser
The AVL Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) i60 analyzer is designed for measurements of nitrous oxide (N2O) concentrations in the exhaust gas.

Key Features

  • Plug and play analyzers enable a fast change of analyzers and thus, ensure data integrity.
  • The use of span gas cells (for IRD analyzers) enables an operation without span gases. In that way operating and investment costs can be reduced.
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio enables a higher measurement accuracy and better reproducibility.
  • Cross interferences are minimized by means of thorough optimization measures. For example, the hot CLD fulfills EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 quench requirements without any cross corrections.
  • Response times are minimized by means of faster electronics, improved signal conditioning and eliminating unnecessary dead volumes.
  • The gas analyzers are connected via high-speed CANopen interfaces, which enable sampling rates up to 50 Hz.

iGEM AMA Bench Control Software

The intelligent iGEM platform constitutes the basis for optimum operation, high-grade diagnostics, easy connectivity and upgradeability. This platform is the control software for all products of the iGeneration. The iGEM AMA bench control software comes with core features like:

  • Diagnostic checks can be automatically and synchronously (where possible) performed via the integrated calendar function.
  • Full EPA 40 CFR part 1065 compliant automated diagnostic tests (e.g. CLD quench check, accuracy, repeatability, and noise check, FID O2 interference check, etc.).
  • The interactive diagnostic system can also be controlled remotely via the network or the Internet.
  • Control and visualization of external analyzers such as a Tunnel FID, located in a PSS i60 Particulate Sampler or an AMA i60 Remote Unit.
  • AVL iGEM AMA stores the analyzer change history and thus, offers maximum traceability.
  • The operating systems of all electronic units (such as the CAN node) can be checked (debugged) and also be replaced (software update) using remote access.

Available Types

The AMA i60 is available as a raw, diluted or mixed exhaust measurement system. It can contain up to 3 measurement streams (including EGR and Tracer). For low emission testing dedicated versions with clean and dirty separations (Clean/Dirty Low Emission or SULEV) can be chosen. The SULEV version includes an optimized system design combined with super low emission gas analyzers. Special versions for hydrogen-fuelled engines and other applications are also available on request.

In addition, AVL offers a streamlined raw exhaust emission bench with fewer extensions (AMA i60 R1C/R2C). Due to its optimized configuration the efforts for engineering, production and checkout are significantly reduced. This in turn leads to a very attractively priced package.

Further information about typical system configurations

Besides the above described types, mobile units for measurements close to the sample point are available as remote or stand alone versions. For combining an exhaust measurement system with a CVS dilution system, the AVL AMA i60 COMBI is the ideal solution for motorcycle or small off-road engine (SORE) emission testing.