The AVL approach to efficient testfield management

AVL Lab Management™ Software Solution

Integrated, open software tools and reference solutions

Today’s testing labs are required to accommodate an increasing variety of equipment, adapt to constantly changing processes and methodologies and collaborate across multiple departments. Factor in frequently evolving regulations, the need to minimize costs and manage and ensure the traceability of the massive amount of data collected during testing, and you have a complex environment that requires constant effort.

Furthermore, drivers of complexity, such as electrification or autonomous driving, push existing testing lab technology beyond the limits of their capabilities. It has therefore become vital to reduce inefficiencies, make the best use of all available assets, keep downtimes to a minimum and guarantee systematic data availability and data reusability.

The AVL Approach

We have created AVL Lab Management™ to ensure the smooth operation of the entire testing lab. Our package of tools lets you take control of all aspects of the testing process – you can plan your work orders, prepare and execute individual tests, and analyze test result data.

Our comprehensive solution simplifies collaboration across all of the departments and teams involved in your test process by creating a unique view of the test data with accurate and up-to-date information. Using our integrated approach to data management enables your test lab to deal with operational issues quickly and efficiently and, in doing so, delivers decision-relevant knowledge faster than ever before.

Efficient, Effective, Affordable

Our Lab Management solution also includes professional services to support you at every step of the process. This helps you identify how our standardized reference solutions can be deployed in your testing lab, in order to meet your needs and optimize your lab management operations. If our reference solutions don’t meet your specific needs, our professional services team will define, adapt and deliver a solution that is tailored to your unique requirements.

All of our solutions include maintenance and support contracts to ensure you always have access to the latest releases and patches, providing you with a degree of future-proofing. Our support is provided by AVL Lab Management™ experts.

AVL Lab Management combines and addresses the following areas:

Based on our know-how and insigts, we have designed best-practice processes for three automotive development domains. These standardized reference solutions are basic configurations that can be implemented "out-of-the-box", adapted to individual requirements or even combined for lab with multiple testing focuses.

Products & Services

Extendable & customizable ​standard base configuration

AVL Lab Management™ for Propulsion Testing

An efficient test operation software solution for a wide range of propulsion systems

Rapidly changing test and validation requirements put pressure on test labs to improve accuracy, reliability and reproducibility. However, with an...

Extendable & customizable ​standard base configuration

AVL Lab Management™ for Battery

The software solution for successful battery test lab operation


Leading Efficiency

Asset and Process Control Software

Software for Test Lifecycle and Asset Management

This software module is the end-to-end solution for test lifecycle and asset management, independent of the domain and easily integrated with...

Track the heartbeat of your lab

Monitoring Software AVL PULSE™

Boost lab efficiency with this scalable data solution