Data Acquisition_4_TI

Precise measurement also under rough testbed conditions

Input-Output (IO) Modules

The measurement of voltages, currents, temperatures, resistances, etc. in the testbed environment is the basis for getting a detailed understanding about the behavior and performance of a unit under test. The correctness and useableness of measurement results starts with a precise and reliable data acquisition.


AVL Approach

The products of the AVL Data Acquisition stand for highly precise measurements, demand value settings and control under rough testbed condition, e.g. with the new product family F-FEM Snap-in the data acquisition is shifted to the pallet in a vibration and IP65-protected manner.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduction of measurement cycles leading to shorter tests; high reproducibility of measurement results
  • No extra signal conditioning: measurement modules are installed close to the UUT meaning sensor lines are kept short to minimize interference
  • No spare channels required: many different signal types are supported on one channel
  • Full synchronization of the measurement signals to each other and to the automation system
  • Short parameterization times