Performance unveiled

Data Acquisition with AVL FEM 4™

The next generation of AVL data acquisition for combustion, hybrid and electric engines

Addressing the Challenges Faced by OEMs
As drivetrain technologies become more diverse, OEMs need an adaptive measurement solution that can be tailored to the individual application in the shortest time possible. Especially with new trends requiring extended measuring ranges, higher sampling and data throughput rates, conventional systems just cannot keep up. With AVL FEM 4™, we offer the next generation of IO measurement systems for combustion, hybrid and electric motors.

Increased Flexibility
By using modern signal conditioning and the real-time EtherCAT interface, FEM 4™ meets the demands of modern development processes. Our new circuit concept also enables you to directly measure DC voltages up to 2,400 V without influencing the measurement signal. FEM 4™ can quickly adapt the measuring modules to new tasks, helping you to increase flexibility and, ultimately, optimize the utilization of your test facilities. It also provides the perfect setup to compare the test data directly across the different test environments.

Future requirements regarding new signal types and extended measuring ranges can easily be incorporated into the instrument concept. All these requirements are essential aspects in the AVL FEM 4™ development.

Additional benefits include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduce iterations, cut costs and increase efficiency
  • Advanced data communication
  • Excellent adaptability to all kinds of drivetrain technologies