Brave solutions for a brave new world

AVL’s Remote Test Trip Solution

Solutions to support test trips from the office


Brave solutions for a brave new world

AVL’s Virtual Test Trip Solution

Making the shift from real to virtual testing


Capture true reality

AVL Dynamic Ground Truth System™

Highly accurate dynamic environmental measurement for ADAS/AD homologation


The world at your fingertips

In-Vehicle Testing

AVL’s In-Vehicle Testing solution combines different tools and software into one easy-to-use solution


Realistic simulation for real-world challenges

Fuel Cell Durability and Degradation

Our simulation toolchain saves you time and money, while driving quality and efficiency


Make the most of your hardware

Fuel Cell Operating Strategy Optimization

Virtual tools to ensure the performance lifespan and safe operation of your fuel cell


Increase quality, reduce effort

Virtual Fuel Cell Calibration in Non-Standard Conditions

AVL Virtual Testbed™ helps you reduce effort and reliance on prototypes and test trips

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