The AVL Headquarters.


If you are interested in establishing electronic data interchange between your and our ERP system, please consider the following preconditions.

  • AVL Purchasing welcomes eProcurement applications designed for an efficient and optimized supply chain which reduces transaction and handling costs and enables automated timely information exchange.
  • AVL started with electronic purchasing processes by introducing an electronic requisition and approval tool as well as workflow. For a couple of years we implemented article ranges of key suppliers on our electronic catalogue portal and realize EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions supported by a service provider. Catalogues are created according to international standards (eClass >4.x, BMECat etc.). Purchase order, order confirmation and invoice transactions are exchanged electronically according to predefined and ERP integrated processes.
  • With the help of our service provider and document clearing centre we can implement several business processes used to connect AVL's back-end applications to the suppliers' back-end applications. We can also offer solutions for web-based applications to support purchase order transactions for our low transaction-volume suppliers, accessible through a web browser.


For any further questions or proposals regarding electronic process solutions,
please contact us: