Simultaneous Engineering

AVL‘s frontloading for manufacturing provides immediate reaction on the cost, quality and manufacturability of AVL engineered products.

AVL Solution

  • AVL designed components are checked, adapted and released for ease of manufacturing and assembly
  • Calculation of different design variants. Top-down breakdown of customer cost targets, bottom-up calculation and tracking of AVL-designed components
  • AVL designed components are checked, adapted and released for measurability and manufacturing tolerances
  • Assessment of available technologies and supplier capabilities, feedback to design


Target Costing

  • Development of BOM cost targets
  • Development of investment targets
  • Balancing main imperatives:
    • Performance & CO2 emissions
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Cost & Weight
    • Customer/Market specifics
  • Cross-Referencing with AVL cost database.

Design to Cost

  • Bottom-up calculation of identified main cost drivers
  • Cost calculation of design alternatives as a basis for concept decisions
  • Identification of areas for improvement / deviation analysis / simplified value analysis
  • Reporting against target

Design for Manufacture

  • On-site review of customer manufacturing philosophy including machining, assembly, quality, support function
  • Review of customer production strategies
  • Evaluation of existing and planned technology readiness
  • Discussion and documentation of production hard points & limitations [geometry, tooling, clamping strategy etc.]
  • Detailed review of component design concerning cost-efficient manufacturability [technologies, geometries, materials, processes]

Design for Assembly

  • Evaluation of Assembly Steps and Accessibility with DMU Production Equipment
  • Initial Assembly Order Definition
  • Identification of critical Assembly Steps (P-FMEA if requested)
  • Definition of Poka-Yoke or other Countermeasures

Design to Quality

  • Contribution to D-FMEA
  • Alignment on existing quality standards, systems and methods
  • Agreement on plan to meet quality performance targets
  • Drawing Review: Tolerance Analysis in View of Manufacturability Datum & Measurability
  • Tolerance Chain Review in View of Measurability and Manufacturability
  • KPC Analysis
  • Definition of Measuring Method

Supplier Intergation

  • Make-or-Buy Analysis
  • Identification of capable Suppliers (upon request)
  • Supplier Audits (upon request)
  • Supplier Integration into Development Process
  • APQP Process (upon request)
  • Supplier Development and Supplier Quality Assurance (upon request)