Tractor Noise Vibration

Tractor NVH Analysis and Assessment

Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) are very important topics in the development of a new tractor vehicle. Legislative requirements for operator ear level, the comparison to competitor vehicles in terms of noise and vibration as well as sound quality set very challenging targets. NVH optimization of complete vehicles in conjunction with trade-off discussions between NVH, costs, emissions and durability is one of the most challenging tasks in the vehicle development process.

AVL Approach

With the latest NVH development tools and methodologies, NVH facilities and engineering capabilities, the AVL Acoustic Engineering team is well prepared to support our customers in solving their development challenges. Using a combined approach of simulation and measurement, we develop individual solutions for - and together with - our customers. Important topics that AVL supports in the field of acoustic engineering for tractors are:

  • Vehicle NVH analysis
  • Pass-by noise analysis and optimization
  • Operators ear level optimization
  • Driveline/transmission behavior analysis and optimization
  • Cabin mounting system layout and refinement
  • Intake/exhaust system layout and refinement

Market Requirements

Besides the legislative requirements for exterior noise (pass-by noise) and operator ear noise, the market also requires a good noise environment for the operator. Typically, this is assessed with the standing tractor at low and high idle condition of the engine. To meet the challenging market requirements for cabin noise it is necessary to apply a careful and thorough NVH development process of the tractor starting with an NVH friendly concept and layout of the main tractor components.

Customer Benefits

AVL Commercial Driveline and Tractor Engineering has in-depth knowledge through their experts who have 40 years of know-how of continuously developing new methodologies and tools to solve this complex topic.

  • Leading edge technology and senior expertise
  • Unique tools, methodologies and processes
  • Development of complete drivelines and vehicles


Satisfied customers are the best evidence for successful projects and developments. The AVL acoustic engineering team has been performing customer projects as well as research projects since more than 40 years. Due to confidentiality reasons the published references for our work are limited – but this is also part of our sustainable success.

Latest Project Examples

  • Full tractor developments incl. NVH
  • Cabin NVH improvements
  • Homologation assessment (operator ear noise, pass-by noise)