Best possible configuration and integration

Powertrain Matching & Integration Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Powertrain matching and integration for optimized commercial on and off road vehicles

Optimizing the powertrain and its integration into the vehicle to reach a perfectly matched system is demanded on the market.


The Challenge

Creating a perfectly matched system

  • What is the best possible powertrain technology?
  • What is the best possible powertrain configuration?
  • How can the powertrain be modified in order to reach new vehicle targets?
  • How can the components be integrated to efficiently interact?
  • How can new concepts be integrated into an existing powertrain?
  • How can autonomous driving components be integrated?


The AVL Solution

AVL offers tailor-made powertrain solutions for all applications and technologies - including electrification. AVL develops and uses highly effective simulation methods and tools to select the best possible powertrain technology and workout the fitting powertrain configurations for each application. AVL integrates the individual components - battery system, e-motor, electronics, transmission, axle, fuel cell and combustion engine – highly effective into an optimized vehicle.

Solutions include:

  • New powertrain concepts and powertrain component improvements
  • Investigates and selects powertrain technologies
  • Develop best possible powertrain configuration for specific applications “Powertrain Matching”
  • System optimization investigation incl. powertrain sensitivity- and load spectra analysis
  • CO2 vehicle and productivity evaluation and improvement
  • System integration of powertrain into commercial vehicles
  • ADAS- and autonomous driving system integration


The Added Value

  • Perfectly interacting components due to experience in all relevant areas
  • Smart solutions due to expert know-how of all relevant components and their system interaction
  • Cost-efficient powertrain solutions meeting both, future CO2 and GHG demands as well as zero emission driving
  • High system performance and short time-to-market due to AVL’s proven model-based development approach
  • High product quality and low warranty risk by applying AVL’s unique validation methodology


  • Complete component tractor development
  • System integration for electric commercial powertrains
  • System integration of powertrains into trucks
  • Powertrain developments for tractors, construction equipment and industrial purpose
  • Numerous engine development projects for tier/stage 3 and 4
  • Transmission projects from synchronized, CVT, powershift/shuttle, AMT to dual clutch systems
  • Development of control systems for engines, transmissions, integrated drivetrains and vehicle controls