High performing electronic & software solution

Electronics & Software Solution for Commercial Vehicles

Customized control & software suitable for prototyes & serial production

Control & software components are key to differentiate the product. It improves the behavior of the product in regards to handling, performance, emissions, diagnostics and brand style.


The Challenge

Developing customized all in one software solution

  • How can  customized electronic control solutions be created?
  • How can optimized vehicle performance be reached?
  • How can the handling of the machine be simplified?


The AVL Solution

AVL offers tailor made controls projects for heavy duty applications such as agricultural machines and commercial vehicles. All engineering solutions are built on AVL’s deep knowledge of heavy duty vehicles and all their components and sub systems. AVL also offers tailor made system and control solutions for innovative approaches such as electrified & hybrid powertrains. AVL develops functions that clearly target our customers key challenges of heavy duty industry: the need to reduce CO2 emissions and to meet stringent emission legislations, while meeting high performance and robustness requirements.

  • System requirements definition
  • Software architecture
  • Software specification
  • Component design
  • Coding
  • Integration testing
  • System validation and testing


The Added Value

  • Tailor made electronics & controls out of one hand
  • Your partner through the holistic product life cycle
  • Cost-efficient solutions meeting future COand GHG targets
  • Smart solutions due to expert know-how of all relevant components & system interaction
  • High system performance & short time-to-market due to AVL’s proven model-based development approach
  • Early verification & validation through model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop simulation
  • Customized solution optimized on the needs to have a first-time-right solution



  • Development of a complete tractor electronic network
  • Implementation of vehicle control software
  • Integration of headland management and auto-steer
  • Integration of hydraulic, electric and other sub-system
  • Development of tractor power shift transmission controls
  • Development of HMI for tractor configuration and implement control via ISO-bus

Heavy Duty On Road

  • Development of heavy duty vehicle transmission controls (AMT, AT)
  • Integration of engine, transmission and all other control units involved