Excellence combined with efficiency

Design Solution for Tractors

Complete vehicle design, including interior and exterior design of agricultural machinery

Knowledge about the newest materials and the necessary production processes that are required to meet a dynamic market with challenging standards are the major challenges the industry is facing.


The Challenge

Designing the interior and exterior of a tractor by considering all the boundary conditions:

  • Which materials can be used?
  • Which manufacturing methods are required?
  • Which production processes have to be used to get to the optimum result?


The AVL Solution

To create an efficient interior and exterior design of a tractor it is necessary to consider all the existing boundary conditions. Further it is important to understand which production processes are required to meet a dynamic market with challenging standards and how to remain competitive. AVL aligns its own product development process with that of the client, which helps to lead to a positive result for the customer.


The Added Value

Customer benefits:

  • AVL Commercial Driveline and Tractor Engineering has in-depth knowledge through experts with many years of experience
  • Knowledge of the whole vehicle including the integration of the divers components
  • Usage of simulation methodologies to guarantee optimum output
  • They are supported by many specialists with specific knowledge of worldwide tractor markets as well as 4000 other experts with diverse expertise in many technological aspects within the larger AVL Network
  • Leading edge technology and senior expertise
  • Unique tools, methodologies an processes
  • Development of complete drivelines and vehicles


Complete tractor development up to start of production and support even after that

  • Cabin concept and design
  • Bonnet design
  • Fender design
  • Vehicle electronics design
  • Chassis design and styling