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AVL ZalaZONE Proving Ground

Combination of high-tech proving ground with ADAS/AD services

With the plan to eliminate roadway deaths by 2050, carmakers are looking to invest in ADAS/AD technology to keep our roads safer. However, introducing new technologies and solutions into the wider transport mobility system is increasingly complex. At AVL we are operating the newest and most optimal proving ground for the safe and effective development of driverless and electrified vehicles: AVL ZalaZONE.


Testing the Next Generation of Vehicles

Located outside the Hungarian city of Zalaegerszeg, AVL ZalaZONE Proving Ground is a 265-hectare high-tech test track for conventional, electric as well as connected, assisted and automated vehicles. You can conduct a wide variety of tests on many types of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special fleet vehicles and 2 wheelers. Most importantly there is also a 20 hectare ‘smart city’ urban test area with changeable features and layouts, specifically for the testing of a vehicle’s ADAS, AD, and V2X systems. AVL ZalaZONE is not only a testing facility for vehicles but also for ICT companies developing HW/SW for cellular 5G and ITS standard wireless G5 technology. With its own 5G cellular tower and DSRC network, the proving ground offers a high level of network quality, coverage and supporting technology. This not only allows you to collect real-time test data, but to execute “simultaneous digital twin scenarios”, where you can replicate the connected vehicle’s virtual and physical tests concurrently in an interactive virtual/augmented reality mode.


Why Partner with AVL?

Thanks to the fully equipped workshops and other facilities, you can base yourself at the site for the duration of your project. Here you can take advantage of our experience, ranging from our recommendations in ordering modules, to adding a customized “à la carte” ADAS/AD list of services to support your project. These services can include test site and vehicle preparation for both standard testing related to UNCE/ISO/SAE/NCAP and developmental testing using IAMTS-based scenarios.
Furthermore, we can offer you support for your HD map and communication system (V2X) requirements as well as all general automotive mechanic services. And when you have the customized test schedule but not the human resources to execute it, we can offer a full turnkey solution for your project and related engineering service needs. Whether it is for development, certification, or consumer testing purposes, our innovative tools and techniques are right there on your doorstep.

The real benefits of AVL ZalaZONE are realized in exploring your project’s needs and experiencing how our services in combination with the proving ground’s state-of-the-art physical design meet them. Here you will see the facilities’ versatility in its different road surfaces, junctions, road types and crossings; all available for different types of testing. OEMs, Tier1s, and tire manufacturers have already shown interest, and thanks to the lack of light pollution, headlight manufacturers have also found it an appealing facility.

AVL ZalaZONE is well on its way to becoming the biggest and most sophisticated proving ground for connected and automated vehicles.