Market success with human-centric solutions

ADAS/AD Testing, Calibration and Validation

The AVL approach to the calibration, verification and validation of ADAS/AD features

Automotive technology is already becoming ubiquitous throughout the automotive industry, with most new vehicles already featuring some sort of assistance systems. This includes features such as adaptive cruise control, auto parking, blind spot assist, emergency braking and lane keep assist, and it is rapidly advancing into more complex functionalities.

All vehicle models, derivatives and variants will soon feature some sort of ADAS technologies, including improved capabilities for highway driving, traffic jams and automated parking. As advancements in technology progress to AD levels 3 and 4, we will also see the fully automated operation of pilot fleet vehicles, such as commercial goods vehicles and people movers, in confined areas.

But with such advanced technological progress comes increased development effort, complexity, and time-to-market pressures. Furthermore, it demands an immense testing effort to ensure robustness, reliable functionality, performance quality, safety and user acceptance. Fortunately, AVL has a range of solutions to manage these challenges.

Robust Results

At AVL we provide end-to-end functional and performance verification, calibration, optimization and validation services. Our offering covers testing in the lab (SiL, MiL, HiL), on the test track and real-world testing on public roads.

Backed up by seven decades of automotive engineering experience and a global network of experts, we have created a range of powerful products and services. These include tools that can be used for the development, objective assessment and evaluation of perceived safety, comfort and the overall driving experience.

The new era of highly automated driving tasks and technologies require tools and methods to ensure their viability, functional safety, robustness and reliability. Our testing, calibration and validation capabilities offer OEMs reassurance under safe and flexible lab conditions, with a vast number of real-world driving situations and maneuvers.


A Wide Portfolio of Solutions

AVL ADAS/AD development solutions carry a range of features that benefit OEMs wishing to implement assisted and automated driving technology. These include:

  • Carry-over ADAS features integration to derivative vehicles and variants
  • KPI and performance target definition based on objective criteria for either local or global market applications
  • Testing and verification of features in virtual environments (SiL, MiL simulation), on dynamic driver simulators and up to cloud computing for a higher level of testing capability
  • Calibration and performance optimization with our automated and objective assessment technology, AVL-DRIVE™ Autonomous
  • Evaluating the fulfillment of KPI and performance targets
  • Proving ground verification and validation for active safety (NCAP, new GSR), parking and driving comfort features
  • Real-world fleet testing, identification of critical scenarios and hot test routes for validation purposes.


Why Partner with AVL?

AVL is a trusted ADAS engineering partner, supporting manufacturers and suppliers worldwide from early feasibility through to concept and SOP. With a human-centric approach, we offer evaluation of perceived safety and comfort, optimizing our customer’s market success with high-quality ADAS features.

Our global network of facilities and experts helps to localize those solutions efficiently and close to you. We achieve unparalleled efficiency and robustness to ensure you go to market with complete confidence.