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Best selection of available technologies

Meeting CO₂ Targets for Commercial Vehicles

AVL offers effective solutions to achieve current and future global GHG legislations

Global efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions pose serious challenges for OEMs and commercial vehicle operators. With decades of experience, AVL delivers solutions that provide the best possible support for OEMs in the development and improvement of commercial vehicles. These range from target setting, benchmarking and attribute engineering to seamless integration into the complete system.

Tackling Upcoming Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and CO₂ Legislation Head on

Across the globe, the commercial vehicle industry is facing significant challenges to further reduce emissions and to comply with stringent upcoming CO₂ legislation. Especially in urban areas, there is also a rising demand for lower noise impact and zero-emission driving. This is making commercial vehicle systems and their control mechanisms more complex. It is therefore crucial for OEMs to assess the vehicle not just at the component level, but as a complete system regarding its target attributes and criteria.

Successful Attribute Engineering

With our general truck know-how and our specific benchmark knowledge, we can assess any commercial vehicle based on several hundred criteria. For this in-depth analysis, we have defined a whole series of overarching attributes, including fuel efficiency, emissions, performance, noise, drivability, cost and weight. We also include parameters such as end-customer demand, technology matureness, supplier availability and integration complexity.

Using state-of-the-art simulation methods, we can determine which type of powertrain architecture achieves the best result for your specific application. As such, we deliver clear suggestions on how to set your products apart from the competition. Furthermore, we also help you to improve individual components and their integration to boost the entire vehicle performance. These measures include, but are not limited to, thermodynamics, down speeding, hybridization, predictive controls and waste heat recovery. Additionally, our seamless toolchain can be applied from the very first general concept investigations and throughout the entire development until the aftersales support.

Your Advantages

  • Find the right technology mix, thanks to our unique attribute balancing method
  • Benefit from our experience developing innovative truck and bus powertrain components (engine, transmission, rear axle, E-drive, battery, controls) and systems
  • Thermodynamic concept, detailed design and SoP calibration
  • Utilize our long-standing expertise in integrating powertrain components (engine, transmission, rear axle, auxiliaries, e-components) into the vehicle
  • Optimize subsystem and component interaction to increase overall system performance