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Ports Design and Development

One of the most decisive factors determining the success of any internal combustion engine is the flow quality of the intake and exhaust ports.

AVL Approach

Work steps performed during port development:

  • Port design
  • Core and flow box production
    • CAD/CAM-CNC core box production,   RP-flow box
    • Manufacture of resin cores
    • Flow box assembly
  • Flow development
  • CFD analysis, PIF and LDA measurements
  • Final port surfaces
    • Final documentation of port surfaces
    • Prototype and master core boxes

More recently, CAD/CAM together with Rapid Prototyping of test samples has been introduced for the design of port surfaces and manufacture of core boxes.

Customer Benefits

Since the very earliest days of AVL, a group of specialists has been responsible for the design and development of ports for diesel and gasoline engines. During this time a huge amount of knowledge and experience has been gained in designing high efficiency ports and creating optimum in-cylinder flow conditions.


Over the past 60 years far more than 1000 intake and exhaust ports have been designed by AVL.