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Driveability Calibration Diesel Passenger Cars

Engine Driveability Calibration under all conditions by calibration of torque forming SW-functionalities combined with objective judgment of vehicle driveability to achieve higher calibration quality.

Vehicle Calibration is essentially determining the customer relevant attributes of a car at the same time fulfilling legislative standards, world-wide for all markets.

Main criteria for a successful product like

  • Fuel Consumption
  • Performance
  • Emission
  • Driveability
  • OBD compliance

have to be achieved in a documentation and tool environment that ensures efficient workflow, traceability and robustness to worldwide market demands.

AVL Approach

Description of Work Packages – Driveability Calibration

Work Package


Vehicle functions

  • Vehicle control functions like cruise-control or ACC provide comfortable driving performance even under difficult driving conditions




Driveability Calibration

  • Ensuring optimized driveability under all conditions by calibration of torque forming SW-functionalities
  • Objective judgment of vehicle driveability achieves higher calibration quality


Engine Controller

  • Closed-loop control plants of the engine show best control performance for best setpoint tracking and disturbance rejection

Actuator Controller

  • Provide optimum accuracy and dynamics of related actuator feedback-controllers




Customer Benefits

Highlights & USP – Driveability Calibration

  • Use of AVL DRIVE for objective Driveability assessment during calibration of driveability related functions
  • Integration of controller calibration into AVL fOX™ for standardized workflows and traceable calibration results
  • Driveability as part of systematic approach for optimized powertrain performance