Development and Testing Solutions for Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines

Hydrogen is, next to the direct usage of electricity, seen as a promising energy carrier for future CO2-neutral mobility and power generation, especially due to the potential of fast hydrogen refueling. Apart from the usage of hydrogen in fuel cells, hydrogen ICEs enable carbon neutral transportation with the possibility to utilize already existing base technology.

Development of highly efficient H2-ICEs

The application of a H2-ICE can range from passenger cars, via commercial vehicles on-road and off-road to stationary power generation, rail and maritime operation. Accordingly, several approaches to the conversion of a compression- or spark-ignited combustion engine can be utilized.
Based on our long experience and the results of our R&D projects we offer tailored conversion solutions – for concept studies, demonstrator engines to complete SOP programs. In our projects we continuously optimize the efficiency, power density and emissions of hydrogen-fueled ICEs.
With the example of the AVL Hydrogen engine we could already demonstrate very attractive Brake Thermal Efficiencies combined with highest Brake Mean Effective Pressure.

Transformation of Test Facilities for H2 Engines

With increased interest in H2 combustion engines the existing test facilities are required to be adapted for the development and validation testing. Challenging H2 transformation tasks include: Comprehensive assessment of existing test facilities and their transformation feasibility, assurance of a safe test cell operation as well as consideration of various aspects of test cell instrumentation. Hence, AVL offers a broad range of transformation services and equipment supplies. Examples include the adaptation of the required explosion protection concept or the integration of the H2 Consumption Measuring System AVL HyTron™ into the test facility.

Why partner with AVL?

  • In-house developed Rapid Prototype Hydrogen ICE controller (RPEMS controller)
  • Simulation-driven thermodynamics, mixture formation and combustion/emission development
  • Experience drawn from a great number of customer projects
  • Tailored instrumentation and test systems for Hydrogen ICEs for single cylinder and multi-cylinder engines – from passenger car to large engines applications
  • Comprehensive H2-ICE test facility design expertise from layout out till detailed engineering incl. required safety aspects
  • Holistic customer support approach with the transformation of an existing ICE test cell to H2