Combustion Development for Gasoline Passenger Cars 2

High-tech gasoline engines for current and future powertrain concepts

Combustion Development for Gasoline Passenger Cars

Developing more efficient combustion engines that still delivers high performance

The combustion engine is still the dominant powertrain configuration in the global market. Due to further development and the consequent utilization of the synergies with electrification, the combustion engine still will be a key element in the powertrain portfolio of the future. The combination of highest efficiency and lowest engine out emissions is a key element to achieve future requirements. In this context the Combustion Development is one of the very essential fundaments for all subsequent steps in the complete engine development process. Within the Combustion Development the initial core attributes for a successful achieving of the requested targets are generated.

Proven Know-How

Combustion development has more than 70 years history @ AVL and is for sure one of the core competencies of AVL. Our broad know-how in the field for Spark Ignited (SI) gasoline engines has led to a major contribution of the GDI and TGDI combustion development in the global markets.

In performance & emission development we cover all kinds of engines including aftertreatment and Hybrid impacts for all relevant concepts on passenger cars as well as for commercial vehicles integrated in our development process.

Our well-defined and proven project process ensures the achievement of targets with highest maturity, in absolute short time frames. With our advanced methodology and development tools, we drive our process through the following steps:

  • Concept, design and simulation
  • Results analytics and Optical diagnostics
  • Validation and calibration within various testing environments

Layout work is started with the simulation for the gas exchange process as well as for the aftertreatment components to find the total optimum of the whole system including the impact of integrated hybrid components.

Excellent Outcomes

The breadth of our combustion experience includes both standard powertrain configurations and even more advanced systems such as e.g. Prechamber-Ignition, HCCI and CAI. Combining our know-how with our advanced methodologies and development tools for a wide range of powertrains and applications.

Combining high Innovation and high level of expertise AVL is setting the base for the future of ICE.

This includes both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines, MPI and GDI, standard gasoline and alcohol flex fuels and CNG, LPG, other gaseous and alternative fuels. The diverse range of expertise, tools and application areas can be used for the development of new combustion systems for:

  • Compact engines and 2 wheelers
  • Gasoline passenger cars
  • Race applications

With our global network of facilities and proven abilities we have been successfully involved in more than a thousand combustion development projects.