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Solving emission challenges quickly and reliably

AVL’s Sustainable Diesel Powertrain Solution

Developing stable diesel solutions for EU6, EU7, China6, BS6 and CARB ultra-low NOx

Developing stable diesel solutions for EU6d-final, EU7, China6b, BS6 and CARB ultra-low NOx

As increasingly stringent global emission legislation drives innovation in new powertrain concepts, conventional combustion engines must continue to evolve to keep pace. Diesel engines, in particular, still have many benefits that other powertrain solutions are unable to deliver.

To ensure that diesel engines continue to provide benefits while also meeting emission legislation, AVL has become a global leader in sustainable diesel powertrain development – which is increasingly electrified. With seven decades of experience and a global network of experts and infrastructure, we are helping OEMs become CO2/GHG and RDE compliant around the world.

A Balance of Solutions

At AVL our approach to innovative diesel system engineering is about finding the right combination of development solutions. Gaining synergies while finding the right trade-offs enables us to deliver robust emission concepts with improved CO2 emissions in a fast, cost-efficient way.

Fulfilling current and future emission requirements while delivering performance and fuel economy requires the correct choice of combustion concept and aftertreatment solutions. Further efficiencies and emission stability can be gained from the addition of electrification technologies, such as 48 V mild hybrid or full hybrid concepts.

But our diesel powertrain development and calibration offering is not just about technology. Our consistent toolchain and development workflow, from concept through to SOP, is designed to engineer efficiency, quality and traceability throughout.

A simulation-based approach enables frontloading early in the process. This reduces development loops, improves product maturity, robustness and cost savings. Tried and tested in both demo vehicles and client projects, our solutions are stable and have minimized emission risk in the field.

A Solid Foundation for Powertrain Solutions

Our diesel solutions benefit from our extensive RDE/ISC benchmark programs. We carry this out in a wide variety of vehicle classes based on our experience of different powertrain and exhaust aftertreatment technologies.

We shape our powertrain system development process around clearly defined interfaces, responsibilities and quality gates. This ensures that our approach is interlinked to our customer’s process.