Waste Heat Recovery

Approx. 4% Fuel Saving for Long Haul Truck Applications

AVL Waste Heat Recovery System for Commercial Vehicles

Steadily increasing legal requirements for higher fuel efficiency, lower CO2 or Green-House-Gas emissions drive the need for advanced engine and powertrain technologies in the commercial vehicle industry. One of many solutions is the recovery of the waste heat of a combustion engine, bring it back into the system and as a consequence reduce fuel consumption.

Waste Heat Recovery Solution

AVL Solution

One promising technology is the recovery of the waste heat of a combustion engine by applying an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) additionally. This cycle converts the waste heat of the combustion process into additional mechanical energy, which can be recovered either mechanically or electrically and thus increases the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

AVL’s in-house WHR system expertise includes

  • Various working fluids (Ethanol, water, refrigerants, fluid mixtures),
  • Several heat sources (exhaust only, exhaust + EGR, coolant) as well as
  • Electrical or mechanical recovery to increase overall fuel efficiency.

The WHR team developed an optimized system for the individual boundaries, proven WHR vehicle system modelling platforms, integrated the system into the vehicle and finally took care of prototype build.

A mechanical recovery system can be industrialized without a mild or full hybrid system in the vehicle. Advantage: realization in short to mid term.

The demonstrated system can be easily adapted to an electrical recovery concept by coupling the WHR expander with an electrical generator.

Customer Benefits

  • High system efficiency & fuel savings
  • High system reliability
  • Best System Cost and Weight
  • Short time-to-market