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For a greener tomorrow

AVL Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) System

Advanced PEMFC system for electric vehicles - from passenger car, trucks and buses to marine application

AVL provides high-end customer-specific PEMFC engineering solutions ranging from computational cell/stack/system development over fuel cell powertrain development, e-drive powertrain engineering, the integration into the vehicle, software development, prototype build, system testing to complete fuel cell vehicles (from prototype to start of production).

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The Challenge

Achieving zero-emission with alternative fuels

  • How to meet zero-emission policy targets and fulfill customers’ expectations regarding long driving range and very short refilling time?

  • How to improve fuel cell system and fuel cell powertrain efficiency?

  • How to meet customers' performance and durability requirements for fuel cell powertrains?

  • How to meet customer-specific requirements for packaging of fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems?

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The AVL Solution

The AVL PEM fuel cell system engineering services include vehicle concepts based on simulation tools (cell, stack & vehicle level), PEMFC system development (incl. components and subsystems) up to system integration including software & controls development.

Advanced thermal management tools and concepts ensure highest system efficiency and performance on system & vehicle level. AVL’s diagnostic-based control and the hardware-in-the-loop FCCU calibration methodology support high-level results.

E-drives and e-storages are designed and engineered up to system integration. Protoype systems are built up and vehicles are converted. Comprehensive testing is carried out on AVL’s advanced testbeds for cell, stack, fuel cell powertrain system, vehicle and chassic dynos as well as test tracks to ensure system liability and durability.

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The Added Value

  • Customer-specific definition of fuel cell system, e-drive architectures, vehicle packaging and built
  • Detailed system and vehicle benchmarking as the basis for recommendation on system layout, cost, etc.
  • Prediction of vehicle performance via model-based development to save development time and cost
  • Customer-oriented PEMFC system and vehicle controls, including operating strategies and software development
  • Excellent supplier network for fuel cell stack, hydrogen tank and fuel cell sub-components (compressor, humidifier, etc.)
  • Detection and differentiation of fuel cell stack’s failure modes during fuel cell operation - thanks to AVL’s new diagnostic-based control device (AVL THDA™)
  • Integration of diagnostic-based fuel cell control into the vehicle’s control unit and power electronics without added hardware costs
  • Profound know-how in application of PEMFC for passenger cars, light-duty to heavy-duty trucks, buses, forklifts, trains, marine application


  • Customer-specific development of PEMFC systems from prototypes to start of production & system integration projects
  • Prototype and demonstration project of PEMFC systems with various automotive/non-automotive OEMs and Tier 1/2
  • Fuel cell stack diagnostic-based control projects with 10 different OEMs by using AVL THDA™
  • Deep-dive benchmarking of the Toyota Mirai fuel cell car