AVL Internal Combustion Engine Solutions

The development of vehicle powertrains is increasingly challenged by emission legislation and by the end-users' fuel-economy demands, usually contradictory requirements in a very competitive market. In order to meet these requirements it is necessary to continuously improve existing powertrains and to develop totally new generations of engines, while still giving space for individual brand-specific features.

Professional product validation preparing for high production quality is equally important as superior engine technology developed in the prototype phase. In this context, it is essential that the development partner thoroughly knows the powertrain business from concept to the start of production, and integrates vehicle development as well as production planning.

The ever-increasing complexity of modern vehicle powertrains requires optimum coordination of all resources. In an efficient and cost-oriented development process, the interfaces between research & development, simulation and instrumentation & test systems are of paramount strategic importance.

AVL Approach

Recognized worldwide, AVL's competence is based on more than 60 years of experience in the development and optimization of diesel and gasoline engines and additionally benefits from the synergies with its simulation software development group and the test instrumentation division.

With this unique symbiosis of core technology, applications know-how and process knowledge, AVL meets the ever-rising demands for quality despite the need to reduce development times and costs.

AVL Strengths

  • Production and market focus in concept finding
  • Proven technologies meeting end consumer requirements
  • Efficient approach through a combination of predictive engineering methods and modern test systems
  • Flexible response to changing development parameters
  • Generic engine development process for best integration of all resources
  • Interaction with vehicle development and production planning

Benefits at a Glance

AVL dedicates about 10% of its annual turnover to continuous investments in research & development. As a result, AVL can always rely on latest technology and thus provide powertrain solutions, which are proven in practice and ready for series production.

It is this highly efficient synergy between all these fields, which finally sets AVL apart as the development partner of your choice.

Customer Benefits

  • Low development risk and time
  • Seamless engineering partnership
  • Best performance vehicles meeting driveability, acoustic and emission requirements
  • Access to latest technology
  • Production feasible and reliable solutions


Within the last decades, AVL has been involved in more than 2000 engine development projects on a global customer base. Due to AVL´s confidentiality commitment, AVL generally does not disclose specific development projects of any customer.