Enhance the thermal comfort in your cabin


In the near future car interiors will change dramatically, thanks to vehicle electrification and the evolution of autonomous driving technology. These changes will also have an impact on the future air conditioning of vehicle cabins.

AVL’s innovative HVAC strategies combined with our holistic engineering approach will support you in tackling these challenges. Our integrated development processes are aligned with your unique specifications, enabling you to boost user satisfaction while also meeting development goals and legal requirements.

Tailoring the perfect comfort zone for each vehicle class covers all levels of maturity and realizes the design, calculation and complete integration of air-conditioning technology in a single effort. And with efficiencies that minimize the burden on electrified powertrains, we consider the full impact of the HVAC system within the vehicle.

Benefits of the AVL HVAC Development Portfolio

At AVL our experience in HVAC system development is built on the decades of experience of our global network of experts. This is refined into our tools, processes and toolsets, enabling us to share our turnkey service for full HVAC concepting, integration and validation with you.

Whatever your vehicle type – from conventional ICE to electrified powertrains, passenger cars or commercial vehicles – we have the understanding to deliver exactly what you need.

Our toolset portfolio includes:

  • Conceptual design of cooling and refrigerant circuits
  • 1D simulation of subsystems, and 3D CFD and interior thermal simulations
  • Fluid management for the air/water separation of HVAC units
  • Vehicle integration
  • Multi-level component, sub-systems and full-vehicle measures/schemes
  • Thermal comfort assessment
  • Function development and HVAC controlled tuning