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The AVL functional simulation approach helps to identify weak points, eliminate uncertainties and avoid over engineering by involving simulation expertise at earliest stages of development. Visualizing all electrical properties, using functional analyses via simulations, enables to optimize the functional behavior before the first sample build.

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The Challenge

No matter what type of electrical device has to be developed, the single components and their interaction within a circuitry design play a key role within electronics design, aiming for Complexity of Electronic Design and Resulting Functional Behavior

  • What can I do to avoid over or faulty design to meet the requested functional performance?
  • Is it possible to predict functional or thermal behavior before first sample build?
  • Is there an alternative to the common trial and error approach?
  • How can I find the optimum between power dissipation and switching time?

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The AVL Solution

The AVL functional simulation approach enables to visualize all types of functional aspects in early stages of development where no real samples are available. It is possible to display the electrical behavior of the circuitry without any influence of measurement probes. Furthermore, the determination of the circuitry quality and performance can be done in a short period of time. For improvements, different methods like parameter sweeps, thermal models or Monte-Carlo-Analyses are applied. 

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The Added Value

  • Implementation of virtual prototyping
  • avoid over and faulty design
  • Cost and time saving potential by minimization of design iterations and lab time
  • Support to reach the development goal in reasonable time and quality


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