E-component development

E-Drive System Requirements and Functions

Requirement engineering, function development and integration for e-axles, e-machines, inverters and DCDC converters

In order to be compliant with ever-more demanding global emissions legislation, the future of the powertrain is looking increasingly electric. And this means that a bunch of electric components – from e-machines, inverters, e-axles to DCDC converters – must be designed, developed, produced and integrated into the vehicle.

From battery electric vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or any other type of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), we support complete e-drive system development. And this begins right at concept stage.

Requirement Engineering and Function Development

At AVL our offering covers the complete development workflow. This starts at the concept stage, where we help you to outline your system requirements, system architecture and system design.

Technology consulting and benchmarking gives you another opportunity to assess the market situation and market trends in order to develop a competitive product. Combined with a complete toolchain and a comprehensive AVL process landscape, you can be confident right from the start, that you will hit all your targets.


Complete Support throughout the entire Development and Launch Process

Our solution portfolio covers all aspects of e-component requirement engineering and functions development. Hardware and software development expertise as well as industrialization support ,are all available to you. This ensures your development phase is smooth and well planned, at every stage.

For e-drive development our expertise spans system requirements, system architecture and concepting, simulation, software and controls, functional safety, prototyping, e-axle and vehicle integration and SoP development processes. For e-axle development it includes system requirements system architecture, simulation and design, sample build and testing, and system integration. Similar development workflows are applied to any e-drive system component development.

For each architecture, we have the full expertise and experience to provide a functional safety-compliant solution according to the ISO 26262 industry standard. From start to finish, we have all you need to realise your e-drive goals.