Powering zero-emission mobility

E-Axle Research and Technology

A modular cost-attractive approach to electrified mobility

As global emission legislation becomes more demanding and zero-emission and low-noise zones become more common, new mobility concepts are required to address them.

Any new automotive solution faces challenges such as development time, production costs, driving range and battery capacity that need to be addressed with the appropriate development methodology and optimal products. At AVL we develop e-axle solutions that answer these questions and many more. Modular and fully integrated, with innovative cooling that utilizes maximum power output at minimal size, they can be implemented in a range of applications.


New Transmission Concepts for Varied Applications

Our e-axles are compact units that integrate the required e-drive components – e-motor, transmission and inverter – and offer maximum packaging space for the battery. Directly powering your vehicle’s axle, they reduce complexity by providing a ready-to-go, solution for a range of BEV and hybrid applications. Furthermore, this modular approach reduces time to market and keeps your development costs low. We have already carried out development and testing on our testbeds and provide controls software, calibration, system integration and validation from concept stage to SOP.

NVH and driveability analysis and optimization, enhanced frontloading, reliability engineering and warranty cost prediction are just some aspects that we consider in our development process. Our comprehensive utilization of advanced simulation tools supports a first-time-right approach and reduces prototype usage.

Combined with holistic development expertise and seven decades of automotive experience, the range of e-axle solutions available can cover your needs. Depending on your specific requirements, we tailor them to suit your unique demands.


The Affordable Solution

A 48V 31kW e-axle or P2-module solutions give you the option of adding pure electric drive to your existing conventional vehicle, converting it into a PHEV solution with minimum added cost. This is ideal for zero-emission inner city driving, when the combustion engine can be shut-off or disconnected to comply with local emission regulations.
p2 complete

The High-Speed Solution

Our high-speed e-axle solution features two e-machines, each delivering 30,000 rpm with full torque vectoring capability. This high-speed, fully integrated solution delivers the best in both cost and performance.

The Two-Speed Solution

The AVL two-speed e-axle system is our solution for your passenger car, premium SUV and light-duty vehicle applications. The system’s optimum efficiency reduces costs and improves performance.

The Heavy-Duty Urban Transportation Solution

As well as developing e-axles for passenger car vehicles, we have also developed solutions for your heavy-duty applications. Our fully integrated two-speed e-axle for commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses is completely modular. This means you can apply it to conventional and electrical driveline systems on the same vehicle base. You can integrate this powerful solution on vehicles between eight and 16 tons GVW.