Complete solutions tailored to you

AVL PTE Controls Development Process

Introduce a new development process or improve an existing one

Whether you need to improve your existing controls development process, or introduce a completely new one, at AVL we can help you achieve your goals. We understand your challenges, and have the experience, tools and methods required to address them.

The AVL PTE Development Process is a comprehensive and state-of-the-art solution. It is compliant with ISO 26262 and it has achieved Automotive SPICE level three certification – “established”.

Tailor-Made Solutions

When a solution achieves Automotive SPICE level three it is described as having defined processes that are tailored to specific projects, and resources that are managed. This description scratches the surface of how we tackle our customer’s needs. The reality is that our offering is a complete workflow and toolchain that delivers exactly what you need, from consultancy right through to process build-up.

We have both theoretical and practical experience in controls development that stretches back more than ten years. In that time, we have conducted internal and external projects both for our customers and in the creation of our own offering. The result is a complete solution portfolio that we can customize to your specific requirements.

Providing support through all development phases, our solution covers:

  • GAP Analysis
  • Assessment Support
  • Methodology Training
  • Process Improvement and Coaching
  • Process Build-Up


Complete Process Support

We cover everything you need to set up your controls develop process or improve your existing process. As well as delivering our market leading software products, AVL MAESTRA™, MES MXAM and Visu-IT! tools, we also provide key documents, guidelines and configurations. Furthermore, to ensure that you are up and running as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, we offer full support and training. This is provided in structured workshops, training sessions, and also Skype or WebEx meetings.

With AVL PTE Controls Development, we give you a complete package that is customized to your needs, infrastructure and goals. And it is backed up with world-class support by market-leading experts.