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AVL Materials Technology

Your partner for materials selection, testing and evaluation

A technical idea only becomes a real product when there are suitable materials for it. At AVL, we understand materials, from atomic level to practical system applications. Having spent years exploring the behavior of different materials operating under the challenging conditions of modern powertrain systems, we have done the research and gained the know-how required to help you bring your visions to life.

Being able to call upon our expert team, our methodologies and our analytical capabilities opens new opportunities, saves you time and money, and ensures quality and confidence.

In-Depth Analysis

The current challenges in the automotive industry, such as emission reduction goals and the transition to electrified systems, require new concepts at overall system level, with ambitious demands at material level. We are ready for these challenges and anxious to transform them into opportunities for you, regardless of whether you are a material supplier, component manufacturer or OEM. Operating out of our AVL Material Laboratory, we combine a broad portfolio of experimental investigations with a comprehensive knowledge of all types of materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.

We use the latest high-end equipment and cooperate with first-class research institutions to explore the properties of materials under the toughest conditions, including elevated temperatures, corrosive environments and high loads. Our experts conduct a broad range of tests, from basic investigations like microstructure analysis and mechanical testing to system level investigations like corrosion and compatibility evaluation, failure analysis, and much more. We understand the capabilities and limitations of various materials.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our experts offer more than just measurements and data. We take a detailed look at your application and assess your unique needs to find the best solution for you. From materials consulting to benchmarking, characterization to failure analysis, our goal is to give you confidence in your decision-making at every step of development.

Our expertise covers a wide range of state-of-the-art and bleeding-edge trends in industry:

  • Lightweight design and production: lightweight alloys (Al, Mg, Ti …), hybrid materials, plastics, foams, MMC, etc.
  • Advanced technologies: additive manufacturing, coating technologies, etc
  • Corrosion and material compatibility, long-term stability for fuel cells
  • Environment and compliance: battery recycling, eco design, legal requirements, and services (REACH, RoHS, IMDS), etc

Furthermore, we work closely with experts from all areas within AVL, to ensure that our work is relevant and holistic.

R&D with a Strategic Focus

When the experts in our Materials Technology Team conduct their research activities, they always do so with your commercial interests in mind. Our activities consider factors such as your manufacturing process, quality issues, supplier auditing, predictive engineering accuracy and technological trends.

We also carry out our investigations with close compliance to international standards. This ensures that you are not only getting the data you need, but you know that you can trust our results to meet the highest quality standards that you and your customers expect.