Keep competitive

AVL E-Drive Benchmarking

Our comprehensive program to ensure your market position and product performance

As e-drive technologies become commonplace, it is vital for our customers to know where their products stand in the market. Knowing what the markets expect, and what your competitors are doing, enables you to set targets for your products and improve them where necessary.

We have created the AVL eDrive Benchmark program to support you in this endeavor. Our independent analysis of the e-drive marketplace provides valuable data that enables you to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

Industry-Wide Insights

We have a global network of experts and facilities, which equips us with a deep knowledge of different electrification technologies and solutions. With this know-how we test and disassemble the e-drive components and systems of products from across the market, to understand their control and design strategies.

As well as understanding the technology, we also analyze the cost structure of the components and compare them to other systems. This enables us to provide an essential understanding of the benchmarked components.


How Do You Compare?

As well as having a clear picture of what your competitors are doing in the electrification space, it’s also vital to understand where you and your products stand. This enables you to make improvements to your products where necessary, and find smart solutions you may not previously have considered.

With our tiered work packages, we can help you to compare your systems side-by-side with other OEMs, such as Tesla, Porsche, Hyundai, Renault and Chevrolet. From testing on the road and chassis dyno, to complete tear-down analysis with options such as simulation and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) analysis, we can cover all your needs.

Our cost-efficient process begins at the vehicle level, and then progresses to vehicle systems, elements, element subsystems, and hardware parts. Dependent on your requirements we can create a package that addresses both your goals and your budget.

Our approach covers the four main areas of performance, efficiency, engineering requirements and costs. And it delivers everything you require to ensure your customers get everything they need, while you remain competitive.