Innovative technical solutions

AVL Ajunic®

Our controller platform for autonomous driving development

The AVL Ajunic® is a rigid automotive-grade control unit ready to be installed in your vehicle. It offers interfaces to cameras, lidars, and other devices needed for your ADAS functionality. Dozens of sensors can be connected to give you a full view around the vehicle. It also offers the processing power required to run your autonomous driving controls.

Three main system-on-chip (SoC) functions provide control processing power, hardware accelerators for neural network and image processing and ASIL-D grade dual-core lock-step safety processing. The Ajunic® features two fully independent processing channels and two separated sets of sensor interfaces. These include an independent power supply for redundant processing of safety relevant functions, if needed.

All this power is accessible to you in an open development platform. The Ajunic® covers the full range of fast proof-of-concept activities up to safety-critical ASIL-D grade series development. For fast development cycles and short time-to-market for your demonstrator projects, the Ajunic® can be programmed within a prototyping environment (Linux/ROS). There is also the option for automotive-standard basic software (Adaptive AUTOSAR) for your SOP projects.

The Ajunic® addresses:

  • Development teams, who need an out-of-the-box solution, such as a controller that can be used in a demonstrator vehicle
  • OEMs and suppliers, with special applications, who need an ADAS controller for small series applications

The Ajunic’s® design is open and transparent for our customers – hardware and software can be provided on demand and integrated into your development environment. We customize our solution according to your product’s requirements. With the AVL Ajunic® you get the platform that is adaptable to your needs. It puts you on the fast track going from lab to fab by allowing the reuse of prototypes to accelerate your SOP project.



Your data processing needs are handled by the system’s state-of-the-art SoCs. The Ajunic® uses 8 core ARM processors and SoCs with accelerators to process video streams and neural networks. In addition, we use best-in-class established automotive processors to support automotive interface standards and highest safety processing levels.

Automotive standards are the basis of our quality goals. The Ajunic® uses automotive qualified parts only. It fulfills necessary EMC standards, uses automotive plugs and is rigid enough to cope with temperature and shaking challenges found in a vehicle.

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why the AVL Ajunic® has been developed according to safety and security requirements. It is designed to meet the highest standards, such as ISO 26262 and ISO 21434, Ajunic® is ASIL D ready and compliant with Adaptive Autosar.



With more than seven decades of automotive development, we are helping our customers prepare for the future of mobility. The Ajunic® is an example of how we’re supporting you in navigating this era of transformation, with innovative and flexible tools.

With a scalable, high performance, central processing unit, it also includes an outstanding power-efficient neural network accelerator. An EMC-optimized design and variable connectivity for multiple sensor setups provide robustness and flexibility.

With features for ADAS/AD — including perception, fusion, planner and motion control — all aspects of the development process are covered in comprehensive detail. Ground truth data recording and live object detection provide deep insights into system operation and reliability.

The result is a platform that is flexible enough for even the most demanding development tasks. When partnering with AVL, you can be confident that your products will reach market with the maturity and quality that your customers expect.