Securing the future of mobility

Automotive Cybersecurity

A holistic approach to the protection of vehicles

Modern vehicles are growing increasingly complex. As well as the electrified powertrain, advanced electronics and networked technologies are becoming commonplace. Therefore, it is paramount that in this technological sector, as in all others, security is a priority.

As the adoption of connected technologies increases across the automotive industry, users must feel reassured that these systems are secure. As well as traditional considerations of IT security – to protect the data and the systems from unwanted access – there are also safety concerns. It is vital that vehicles remain safe for passengers and other road users should they become the target of malicious attacks.

Intelligent Technology, Intelligent Security

Autonomous vehicles, for example, are essentially computers in motion. The dangers posed by such malicious attacks therefore make the issue of security more important than ever. The industry needs a reliable partner who can help OEMs and suppliers protect the data integrity of the vehicle, detect ongoing attacks, and react safely.

These factors, along with Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) must be considered at all stages of the development process. But the work does not end there. It must be followed through the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Furthermore, we are continuously detecting and reacting to new and unknown vulnerabilities.

At AVL we are not just implementing cybersecurity standards, but also creating them. We are a member of the Austrian and German working groups behind the latest industry standard, ISO21434. We have helped to define this latest measure for ensuring the cybersecurity of connected automotive systems, and now we are sharing our expertise. This extends to the coaching and training of our industry partners in compliance with this rigorous new standard.

We are working to bring safety and security to both the present and the future of the automotive industry. We are constantly striving to be at the forefront of innovation and thus are participating in numerous industry project as well as internally funded R&D projects. The insights and experiences gained here benefit our customers because we can offer fast and mature development approaches.


Best Practice Solutions

With more than seven decades of automotive development experience, at AVL we understand the benefit of a best practice strategy to address the challenges of automotive cybersecurity. This has enabled us to develop a holistic approach from Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) to vulnerability management with Continuous System Care (CSC).

This approach covers security organization, processes and risk management, and is aligned ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE. It covers the following activities:

  • Security risk analyses
  • Architecture and concept development
  • Security solutions, operating systems and modules
  • Security validation
  • Continuous System Care

To ensure we reach as much of the industry as possible, we also share our process and methodologies with other automotive development partners. With our coaching and training programs we build a secure connected future for mobility.


Securing the Future of Mobility

Connected vehicle security and autonomous car safety will be major factors as this technology matures across the industry. AVL automotive cybersecurity expertise offers a solution to this challenge for every organization working in this domain.

With on and off-board security solutions covering the complete vehicle ecosystem – from concept to scrapping – our holistic approach delivers solutions to meet your specific needs. From the cloud to the road, we’re your partner to secure the future of mobility.