Electromagnetic compatibility testing comprises tests regarding the measurement of the electromagnetic emissions of the test specimen as well as...
EMC testing summarizes tests dedicated to measuring the emissions of the test specimen and tests to verify the immunity of the test specimen.
The AVL ROADSIM EMC ATV™ Chassis Dynamometer is designed for testing motorcycles, three-wheelers and ATVs in applications like EMC analysis.
The AVL ROADSIM EMC CAR™ Chassis Dynamometer it is designed for cars in applications like EMC analysis.
AVL ROADSIM EMC LIGHT TRUCK™ is designed for cars and light trucks in applications like EMC analysis.
It is designed for light trucks and trucks in applications like EMC analysis.

Detection of audible noise at earliest development stages

Audible Noise Prediction

Simulation and analysis of electro-acoustics

The AVL electro acoustic simulation approach enables to identify and stamp out sources of audible noise, as they typically appear in all types of...

Powering the future of e-mobility, today

Choosing Your Electrified Propulsion Concept

The future of sustainable, affordable mobility includes the electrified powertrain. As the diversity of solutions grows, mastering the bandwidth of...

Control your e-mission

E-Motor EMC Test Systems

Validate the electromagnetic compatibility of your electric drive


Driving efficiency

AVL Transmission and E-Drive Software and Controls

Optimized software solutions for electrified and conventional powertrain systems