Control your e-mission

E-Motor EMC Test Systems

Validate the electromagnetic compatibility of your electric drive

Powertrains have increasingly become more electrified over recent years. Therefore, for the R&D process, the electromagnetic emissions of components and systems and their interference between each other is a major factor.

We use this to asses and validate Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) under real operating conditions to ensure the optimal functionality of electronic systems. Thus, we have developed solutions compliant to the latest EMC standards.

We Offer Two Solutions

AVL E-Motor TS™ EMC-mobile

The key feature is the ability to perform full load EMC testing in existing EMC chambers without major modifications. The mobility of the system allows a complete pre-setup outside and transfer into the chamber, which results in high efficiency.

AVL E-Motor TS™ EMC-fixed

Our flexible and modular testing solution allows for EMC testing according to the latest standards. Which additionally represents a fully equipped E-Motor development environment.

Key Benefits

Our EMC solutions offer a range of benefits including:

  • Perfectly tailored EMC testing solutions ranging from simple test components, through mobile and fixed test systems to a complete turn-key project
  • A large variety of performance classes that cover speeds up to 20,000 rpm, torque of up to 4500 Nm and up to 700kW of power, ensuring the perfect fit for UUTs
  • Optimum utilization of the test cell, performing EMC tests and performance measurements