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Simplicity. Speed. Confidence.


Plug and play approach to e-testing

The rapid shift from conventional to electrified vehicles is disrupting the established powertrain testing and development approach. Time-to-market, cost reduction and boosted return for balanced investments are crucial factors for electrification testing and development.

AVL’s E-Library is a mindful approach that introduces simplicity when dealing with e-testing complexity, provides a fast track to productivity, and offers reassurance that targets will be met – putting your mind at ease and allowing you to enter the market with full confidence.

The solution comprises packaged ready-to-run global standard tests, along with intelligent data analysis and built-in reporting. It supports managers of test facilities and powertrain engineering in developing competent teams for self-confident electrification testing and product development.

This holistic solution is at the core of a harmonized approach. E-Library interlinks the EV testing know-how, power of test automation tools like AVL PUMA 2™, AVL LYNX 2™ and strength of data analytics tools like AVL CONCETRTO 5™, AVL SANTORIN MX 2™, Python etc.
E-Library is as well capable to bring a harmonized approach to customer-specific environment and needs.

E-Library offers the following benefits:

  • Compliance with global testing standards
  • Fast ramp-up of productive e-testing
  • Well-informed development decisions
  • Steep learning curve of staff with a learning-while-doing approach

Download our Solution Sheet for more info. For further details, please get in touch with us.