AVL E-Motor testbed with climatic chamber module

Modular testbed concept enables testbed design for different performance and speed classes.


Fully integration of automation system with data acquisition system is needed for time aligned analyzing of the result data. To be able to perform test runs under realistic environmental conditions a coolant conditioning system shall enable environment Simulation within the typical temperature and air humidity ranges as specified in the European and Chinese testing recommendations.

AVL Approach

Using AVL E-Drive testbeds, all kinds of different electric motors and power electronics -both for hybrid vehicle drives and for all-electric vehicle drives -can be developed and tested for durability. The modular testbed concept allows for testbed design in different Performance and speed classes. Additionally adding a climatic chamber module enlarges testing to the best.

The integrated AVL PUMA automation system allows fully automatic and, thus, time- and cost-efficient test runs for all relevant test procedures. All measurement data is saved with a uniform time stamp and can be processed further time aligned.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Flexibility thanks to modular design with matched and tested components
  • The highest data quality due to excellent System precision
  • Dynamometers up to 20 000 rpm
  • Applications know-how based on the Operation of its own testbeds at AVL
  • Universal inverter available to replace the vehicle's inverter
  • E-Motor Emulator available to replace the vehicle's E-Motor