Efficient testing and analysis

AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer

Software for NCAP evaluation and reporting

The NCAP and homologation active safety test series is quickly expanding its scope of application. This is due to the growing number of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functions available in vehicles. As a consequence, OEMs have to test an increasing number of complex scenarios on the proving ground, which causes additional effort. Therefore, a holistic and open toolchain to support the proving ground testing workflow is key to mastering quantity and complexity.

A Comprehensive, Holistic Toolchain

Our inventive AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer tool is a single, independent and open tool that answers these challenges. It supports test engineers and test operators on the proving ground during test preparation, execution and reporting. The Smart ADAS Analyzer allows instantaneous online validation of ADAS tests during test execution, advanced test analysis, fast report generation and provides sophisticated workflow automation. This cutting-edge tool is ideal for all phases of ADAS testing for different environments, such as on the proving ground, in the lab and in the simulation.


Future Proof

Our Smart ADAS Analyzer data packages always deliver up-to-date ADAS test databases for worldwide test and certification rules. These are ready for you to use to manage rapidly changing test requirements.



The simple and workflow-optimized user interface guarantees high usability. It means you have to conduct fewer configuration tasks, and leads to fewer errors and faster results.



Our cutting-edge tool offers instant validation and scoring during test execution. This saves time and improves test quality.


Increased Efficiency

Based on a sophisticated and well-proven data processing core, the software reduces preparation and testing effort on the proving ground. This allows you to have higher confidence in resource planning.



Our software’s open interfaces seamlessly integrate into 3rd party test equipment controllers. This helps you eliminate manual configuration steps and delivers extraordinary productivity and accuracy.


Standardized Test Reports

You can generate NCAP reports in MS Excel and MME format either automatically or manually after a successful proving ground test execution. Our innovative NCAP tool already includes a predefined set of NCAP report templates which can be adapted to meet your specific needs.



The AVL Smart ADAS Analyzer provides an open interface to process test data files from any third-party equipment. This ensures the compatibility to several tools from our constantly evolving partner ecosystem. Explore our joint solution approaches with Humanetics, 4activeSystems and AB Dynamics.