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Delivering Collaborative Impact

AVL Consulting Services

The automotive industry is defined by a number of highly complex market requirements, which lead to a wide range of product varieties and functionalities. Furthermore, the cost pressure being felt by the industry is increasingly extending to the field of development.

With regard to legislation, the end-user behavior, and technology, we advise customers with our AVL Consulting Services along their supply chain towards a sustainable future. In doing so, we deal with such questions as:

  • How can I reconcile legislation and customer needs?
  • Which future propulsion technology should I back? How can I find the right balance between traditional and future vehicle technologies for my portfolio?
  • How can I adapt my development methods to new circumstances? Do my existing development centers have sufficient capacity for the new portfolio?
  • What test facilities do I need to test innovative propulsion systems?
  • How can I optimize my development costs and times by efficiently implementing methods linked to virtualization and frontloading?
  • How are other sectors, such as energy generation and industry, influencing my strategic future decisions?

We support our customers with market and competition analyses, our many years of technological expertise, our global network of more than 11,000 employees, and an extensive knowledge of future legislation and trends. In the process, we advise them in every step of the development process – from portfolio and product definition, through the idea phase and investment planning, to series production.

We offer consultation in two ways: on the one hand, we provide support during product development to allow our customers to bring competitive new cars and components to the market. On the other hand, we optimize their development processes, development centers, and tool and data landscape. In doing so, we ensure that they are able to take full advantage of the huge, but often splintered, quantities of data and areas of expertise.

Reducing complexity with a holistic approach
In order to answer complex questions, a holistic approach must be taken to product development. We view the four aspects of vehicle strategy, process digitalization, process efficiency and development methodology, as well as necessary test and simulation resources, as parts of a development pyramid that are always intertwined.

This particular approach to consultancy has very strong origins in our own engineering experience. Over the years, this experience with customer projects has led to various areas of expertise, which we use in our consultancy, allowing us to support our customers with strategic decision making.

From analysis to implementation
Our consultancy goes way beyond simple consulting: we accompany our customers from analysis and planning to the profitable implementation of measures. We always guarantee independent, demand-oriented solutions that are optimally adapted to the customer’s existing development landscape.

Many current customer enquiries are about digitalization and the alignment of processes with vehicle functions. Interoperability, networking and integration – they are often the stated objectives. However, these go hand in hand with internal changes at the customer, with regard to the use of tools, application competence and decision-making responsibility, right through to restructuring measures. Here, we view a solid cost-benefit analysis and the communication of measures between different departments as key success factors. With this in mind, we accompany the customer during their transformation to the digitalization of processes and methods.

Sustainable solutions by incorporating all stakeholders
The focus of AVL consultancy is on vehicle development, with regard to vehicle technology and development processes. Of vital importance to any success are the experts who must go along with this transformation. For this reason, in order to achieve a seamless transition to the implementation of adapted or new methods, we also devise competent development programs for and with our customers.

Furthermore, during our consultancy, we always regard the problem from different perspectives – from CEO to user – in order to ensure that everyone involved is on board. We are also on hand to assist our customers with internal communications. A significant success factor here is the fact that our consultants are able to speak on equal footing to stakeholders, due to their engineering background.

Initial results in good time
Consultancy projects can be very complex. In order to achieve initial success quickly, we usually start with a pilot project, after analyzing the existing situation and establishing the objectives. This way, customers must not wait long to be able to check out our approach and initial results.


Process Innovation Services

When optimizing a customer’s development processes, a service concept developed by AVL comes into effect: Process Innovation Services. These consist of an extensive consultancy service, as well as the implementation and range from the analysis of the current situation to the attainment of quantifiable impacts on the development process. Process Innovation Services form the top level of our development ecosystem approach, and follow a multi-stage process, in which success is monitored at each individual stage.


This six-stage approach has developed continuously through countless projects in the past 20 years, and is today an internationally acknowledged method for supporting change management at our customers.

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Consultancy as a starting point for a tech center

The goal of a consultancy can also start from a green field approach or stretch further than an adaptation of existing testing facilities allows. An example of this is when a company enters a new industry, requiring support along the entire path, from the analysis of the product portfolio to the design and building of a new tech center. Another example is a company that is already active in the industry, but must re-evaluate its future product portfolio, in order to derive the necessary modifications and upgrades to the existing tech centers. With our AVL Consulting Services, we have the expertise and experience to cover all the necessary steps, which are needed to find the optimal solution for our customer’s requirements: from requirement analysis to the optimal design of the development center and its actual realization.

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Energy and sustainability

The future of automotive engineering is green. This demands a cross-sectoral way of thinking that goes beyond the core areas of the powertrain and vehicle. We support you with independent studies and strategic advice on future energy and fuel pathways in the mobility sector, as well as CO2 analyses and scenario simulations throughout the entire lifecycle. These services address various aspects of technology, energy, CO2, costs and market environment. We provide independent recommendations for qualified and balanced solution packages at all interfaces of production, use and end-of-life for mobility solutions.

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Compared to conventional management and strategy consultancies, our customers also benefit from the many years of experience and deep technical understanding possessed by our experts, as well as the continuity of a global company.

One aspect should not be underestimated: in our company, we are continuously implementing the process changes that lie ahead for our customers. This means that the customer can learn from our experience.

We offer a unique, holistic approach for the entire vehicle lifecycle, from the development processes to end-of-life. We are excellently positioned here, thanks to our diverse portfolio in the field of engineering services, measurement and test systems, as well as advanced simulation technology.